1. Someone who doesn"t obey the dogmatic rules of any religion, or who is considered disloyal to that religion.


  • [[orthodox]]
  • [[heterodox]]

7 letters in word "heretic": C E E H I R T.

Anagrams of heretic:

Words found within heretic:

cee cere cerite cert cete ch che cheer cher chere chert chi chirt chit cire cit cite citer cither cree crit crith ech eche echt ee eech eh either er ere erect eric et etch etcher eth ethe ether ethic etic he heir her here het hete hi hic hie hire hiree hit ice icer ich ire it itch ither re rec rechie recit recite recti ree reech reh rei ret retch rete retie rice rich richt rit rite te tech techie tee teer tehr terce the thee theic their there thir three thrice ti tic tice tich tie tier tierce tire tree trice trie